Verum is owner driven.

Sustainable and controlled development
oft he company is defining our strategy
and leads to our financial stability and a
safe social environment for our staff.

The high level of education of our
staff (80% Academics/Physicians) and
our Cross Culture Expertise makes Verum a comfortable partner.

Germany based Project Managers with
up to 15 years experience will manage/ supervise projects with more than
one country involved.
One interface to the client.


We position ourselves as middle-size CRO. We have fixed employed staff that is highly specialized in Oncology, Neuroscience and Cardiology indications. With almost no fluctuation, changes in contacts are very seldom for our customers.

In 2015 Verum performed a reorganization of its structure to become even more flexible but strong and effective. Our newly established organization reflects modern trends and clients’ requirements for CT management and quality.